Free To Play Online Puzzle Games - No Download!

We offer a wide variety of puzzle games ranging from traditional Mah-Jong to the newest hidden object games and modern-day classics like Bubble Town all available to play online for free.


More About Puzzle Games

Do I have to sign up to play for free?

No, you can just click and play. If you want to track your scores and progress over time throughout different sessions, you can sign up through your Facebook or Google accounts.

What types of puzzle games can I play?

Our online selection of puzzle games gives you plenty of options to get your puzzle on. Whether you're looking for a relaxing yet challenging logic puzzle or an intense hidden object mystery adventure, we have the game for you. Here are just some of the types of puzzle games we offer:

  • Hidden object games
  • Jigsaw
  • Mosaics & pixel art
  • Bubble-pop
  • Soduku & Futoshiki
  • Sliding blocks
  • Addition puzzles
  • Trivia
  • Puzzle platformers

Can I play puzzle games online with friends?

If you choose to sign into your Facebook or Google account, you and your friends can play the same games and compete to see who can get the highest score or just root for one another. Each game has leader boards that allow you to track your progress compared to the world and your good friends.

What's the best puzzle game to play to relax?

Many people love mosaics and pixel art games because they can be taken at their own pace and the end of each level is revealing a lovely scene, image or landscape. If you're looking for a more challenging puzzle game, Soduku and Futoshiki allow you to focus purely on the in-game logic and forget distractions.

Is there a limit to the puzzle games I can play on iWin?

All of our online games are absolutely free to play, with no time limits or restrictions. You can come play any of our online games at any time.

Are all these games no-download?

Yes, all the games you'll find in this section require no download and are played entirely through your browser. If you have an internet connection, you can come to the site and play immediately. However, you also have the option of subscribing to iWin download games and get all access to our games to download and play on or offline.

What skills will I need to solve puzzle games?

Different games require different critical thinking skills but they all challenge your mind to think a few steps ahead. At their core, no matter the puzzle game, they are all about pattern recognition. Whether your tackling a difficult Soduku, finding hidden objects or just sliding blocks around, it requires you to understand the information you're seeing and hypothesize the logical conclusion that isn't immediately apparent. Patterns games use can be based on numbers, words, spacial-relations, colors, textures or any combination thereof.