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Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle Master Game Topic (All Editions)
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I have been through level 32 can't find it on 33 either about ten times and I still can't find the mouse that we are suppose to find has anyone made it that far where does the mouse pop up at  

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32 In the barn under the cows tail
33 Door arch (where the customers come in) top left  
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For some reason I can not unlock the last trophy/bottle. It says i need 200 menu upgrades and it says i have 199. I went through every level and everything is upgraded. Is any one else having this issue?  
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I can't seem to get level 35 to work. I get to the end but it won't close out when the level is finished.  
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Does anyone know where the mouse is on level 53? No matter how many times i play the level i cant find it...  
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