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Tropix 2 - The Quest for the Golden Banana
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Have you played Tropix 2 - The Quest for the Golden Banana? What is your favorite part of the game? Do you need some game hints? Here is where to discuss it!

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Where is the first tropix? Does iwin not have it?  
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I have the first "Tropix". At the time I purchased it I got it from ***** games. Although the second one is alot of fun
everyone should play the first one. Personally, I prefer the original Tropix but I love both. Its relaxing and fun little game!

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tropix 2is better than 1!  
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I've just finish playing my 60 min. trial with my little boy. We had so much fun watching how the monkey would react to what we buy for him.
Can't wait for my icoins to come in so i can buy it and play some more!

All the games are short and sweet (for what i've seen so far) and collecting the sand dollars is easy.
Thank you iwin for coming up with games like that. No headeaches and some wonderful moments with my 4 years old.
He loves watching it, and playing it. He's a fast learner. Did love the 1 hour that went by so fast, we could not believe the hour was up.

I can't wait to own the game because i've just seen the beginning of it, and so far, i've played match 3, time management, puzzle, bowling and shooting.
You earn sand dollars for playing the games. In between the games, you can visit the shop, spend your sand dollars on stuff for the monkey. From the map, i can see that i'm just starting. So far, two places to fill up. the island and the beach. I can just imagine what's coming up.
This is fun to do, and will get me to fill a `room` and have fun again, while waiting for iwin game manager to feel better...

Well, this was what i wanted to say about it...i just think it's great. I do love more challenging games, but this sure dont hurt once in a while.
Try it. Hagd everyone!!! patouv  
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i just got done with my 60 minute trial. i wish i had more time  
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