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Hunt for and sell unique items in your late uncle's mansion, then use the proceeds to restore his beloved garden to its former glory in Gardenscapes!

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theres over 100 cool items to find
15 rooms to look for objects and earn money
tons of stuff to pick to finish the garden
and soo much more
i loved the game i played it on aonther site and i luv it 5 starrs already!  
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It sounds like just the kind of game I like if iWin actually offers it.

I've downloadede the trial and played about 30 minutes. So far I like it very much but it seems to go quite quickly. Does anyong know about how long this game is?  

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I love it! Excellent game!  
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Great game lots of fun grahphic very good  
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It IS a great game, I'm already addicted to it !  
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I agree with everyone. Gardenscapes is a really fun game, not very challenging but sometimes that's just what I want. Something a little different is when you return to a room, some of the objects have moved, especially when you start a new game. That was a little disconcerting at first but now I like it; just a little bit more challenging.  
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Really like this game. Nice combo of hidden object, action and decorating. Love the interactive characters, esp. the dog - really cute!  
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How long after you win the competition until you get the list of new decor items?  
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I wanted to play a nice HO game after a lot of adventure and TM games, so replayed this one. There's a macaroon recipe given in one of the newspapers, but it doesn't give a heat setting for the oven. I made these cookies up using 350 degrees F (about 175 degrees C) and they were DELICIOUS.  
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