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Do you have fibromyalgia?
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I have fibromyalgia. It was diagnosed eventually by a rheumatologist. What treatment(s) are you guys on?  
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I have had Fibromyalgia for about 3 years and a chronic back pain thru nursing. I hate that 1 day you feel good' well as good as fibro allows you to be and the next day you can"t get your head off the pillow
I am lucky that most of my friends understand as they have seen me going from feeling great 1 min to being on the bed and sleeping for 2 hours just so l can thru the rest of the day.
Yes i also hate the way it takes over your life. i was looking forward to retirement and playing with my grandchildren and it makes this very difficult because you don"t how you will feel from one day to the next  
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hihi...I wasn't diagonosed till earlier this year...about 8 months now, but it took years and years to get a diagnoses..I felt the doc. thought I was fibbing about the pain, they even gave me a shot (I forget, it was so long ago)..for pain and it didn't work! I have a fractured lower back bone and had a injured shoulder for years also, they said they think that's why i have frybromyalgia, and I get migraines and live in a cold State...Alaska...and yes, the cold makes the pain worse.  
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Yes, I too have fibro and was told that my car accident is what brought it out. I can't hardly get out of bed and in my 60s it is really rough. Glad there are others out there,  
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