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Pirateville - Master Game Topic
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Details: I am trying to play this game and when i got to the prison at the point where i have to find the matches to proceed i find all of the matches, except the mushrooms will not match and it keeps running out of time and ends the round and i have to start that round over.and end up with the same problem.one of the muchrooms light up and the other just gets an X. when i hit tip it shows both mushrooms but will not accept one of them.I try clicking all around the second mushroom and nothing happens but it marks an X meaning an incorrect choice.is there a fix for this,or a way to skip this round so that i can advance?

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Instead of clicking on the mushroom which lights up, try clicking on the other mushroom first to see if it lights up. If it doesn't, my thought is that it is not the mushroom you are looking for. But you can click around to see if anything else that might be a mushroom lights up. Clicking will not get you in trouble if you do it very slowly and wait about two seconds before you click again. I don't think you can continue unless you match them, but I haven't played in so long, I can't remember.  

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