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Code of Conduct
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Welcome to the forums. Your participation in our community is encouraged. We want to maintain these user forums as a place where our guests may interact freely but there are commonsense rules that we ask you to follow on all public areas of

1. Be respectful of other guests and moderators at all time. Opinions may not always be the same (and we wouldn't want them to be), but the framework of all discussions on these forums needs to convey respect and preserve the dignity of others.

2. Do not post copyrighted, trademarked, or any content that is not explicitly allowed for reposting.

3. Do not submit any postings that contain profane or vulgar language, that could in any way be deemed threatening, libelous, degrading, defamatory, or that could in any way be considered offensive on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation or disability. iWin is an inclusive community and as a gaming site our forums should not be used for any polarizing social or political issues.

4. welcomes constructive criticism of its products and services (in fact, we solicit your feedback through our "Suggestion Box" request type when filing support tickets via our Support Center. The use of these forums as a means of disparagement of iWin, its employees, volunteer moderators, other members is prohibited.

5. The promotion of other sites, products and/or services is forbidden on any public or private area of

6. Flaming (the act of posting messages primarily motivated to aggravate and upset others) and trolling (the act of sending messages with the intent of eliciting angry responses) are not allowed on these forums.

7. Please defer to the posting guidance provided by our volunteer moderators.

8. Your posts should be coherent and understandable to the reader. Please do not rely too heavily on abbreviations or acronyms, emoticons, all capital letters (shouting), or any other impediments to clear understanding on the part of your reader.

9. Do not post personal information of any sort (yours or others).

10. While other guests and moderators may have useful technical advice, please follow at your own risk. For support issues, please use our knowledge base and support ticket system.

When in doubt, please consult our Terms of Service .

Thanks for being a part of the iWin community!  

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