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Forum Guidelines
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Please be sure to read the Code of Conduct, the Terms of Service , the iWin's Terms of Service on a Social Network and the Forum Guidelines to ensure your posts meet iWin rules.

The iWin Support Center should be your exclusive resource for assistance with any technical issues or questions you may have. For this reason, posts and topics concerning technical questions will be deleted.

This includes billing questions, refund requests, queries about games you'd like to see on the site, etc; basically anything that another user or player does not have the means to answer. The Forums are a player-based venue.

The Games Discussions Forum has ONE topic per game in iWin inventory for sharing of strategies, hints & reviews. Don’t create a new topic to ask for help; just post to the existing one so that all players can see what is being said without having to wander all over the Forums to see. Duplicates will be locked and deleted after one week.

Topics that have been referred and locked are still available for viewing until deletion; the only difference is new content cannot be added.

When creating a new topic in the Chatter Central Forum, use a title that lets others know what your topic is about; make sure your title gives an idea of what you want to talk about. Vague topic titles may be edited to reflect the actual content; please note that topics which are deemed inappropriate for the Forums will be deleted without comment.

Do not cross post the same subject matter between Forums or topics; duplicates just confuse people and you may not get an answer where you can find it again...

Read the previous posts in a topic you will be posting to; your answer may already be in there.

Bumping and hijacking/pirating of topics is prohibited; the offending comment(s) will be deleted.
  • Bumping a topic means posting one or two word posts or reposting the same question or comment again to deliberately move a topic from a lower position to the top of a Forum. These are not Chats so, if no one has answered your initial post, then you just need to be patient and hope someone comes along with something to say in response to your post

  • Hijacking or Pirating a topic means inserting a comment which draws attention away from the initial topic. Instead of commandeering someone else's topic, start your own, provided there isn't one already on the subject.

  • Please keep commentary appropriate for all ages; that includes pictures, Youtube videos, emoticons, text messaging abbreviations and subject matter. Crossing the line here will get you bounced from the Forums so post accordingly.

    The language of use in the Forums is English; use an online translator to translate other languages to English so that everyone can read what you have to say. You can post in both English and another language, provided the content of both is the same. The moderators know how to find those online translators too so...

    Messages composed in all caps or larger font sizes appear as if shouting at the community. When composing messages in the Forums, please just use the default size, which is size 12. If you would like to use other font sizes for an isolated word or two, please do not exceed the size "Big" or size=18. Try using different colors to make your post "pop" and Bold instead of a larger font. All caps posters will get a reminder to stop hurts our eyes!

    Using emoticons (smileys) is fine but do try and limit their use to just a few per post. They can make a post hard to read and when overused, rather lose their effect so go easy on them.

    Competitor names, competitor URLs or websites with links to competitors are prohibited in the Forum & will be deleted; those sites can do their own advertising and don't need your help.

    Spamming or posting of URLs pointed to commercial or private or personal retail sales sites is forbidden. This is iWin's gamesite, not the Yellow Pages or local newspaper.

    Just so you know, iWin uses a 24 hour clock in the Forums based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is identical to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for this purpose.

    The iWin Support portal's Knowledge Base has info about the entire iWin Web Site; you can search the Knowledge Base using the search box on the home page of the support site or browse by clicking the large icons on that page.

    All sky blue colored text strings are links; left click once on the text to be taken there.

    Game Discussions Forum
    Chatter Central Forum
    Featuring You Forum
    Hotel iWin Lobby Forum

    Netiquette...A Mod's guide to all you need to know about Forum posting
    Accessing the iWin Zendesk Support portal - a little walkthrough...
    iWin Buzz in the iWin Blogs  

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