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Who is your favourite celebrity?
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id like to knw who your favourite celeb is but there are many i like i could go on foreverid like to see who YOU like and WHY

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I like Schwarzenegger because he is a cool action star.I have such favorite films like True Lies and The Terminator  
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former dr who star david tennant,all the way
matt smith -the 11th doctor
former dr who companion rory williams  

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Zim Zum. He is an amazing guitarist, and a very wise man. Al Pillay, because Al is one of the most incredible people I've ever met. Ditto David Hoyle. All of the ex-Marilyn Manson band members, really...except one, the keyboard player. Not a nice person. The others: Scott, Brian T., Zim Zum, Sara Lee Lucas, John 5, Ginger Fish...all tremendous, and good to their fans. Hank Von Helvete, Anders Odden, Vilde Lockert-Odden, Mikki May...all lovely.  
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How could I forget: Tim Skold. Nicholas Whitfield from 9th Evolution. Baron Misuraca. Rocky from Demon Boy. Pete Demon and Frank Fahey from Sinners.  
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Harry Styles/Haz
Niall Horan/Nialler
Louis Tomlinson/Boobear
Zayn Malek/Dj Malek
Liam James Payne (i 4get his nickname)
Jaden Smith
Trey Songz
Kendall Schmidt
Carlos Pena
Ray Ray
Roc Royal
Young Justin Bieber (srry Justin), Im not a big fan of him now...2 sexual...sowy Justin Bieber, u no ur my Boo, but im not a superfan nymor.
U dnt need 2 no all of them...lol!  
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Please don't shout...On the internet, all caps means you are yelling and I'm sure you don't mean to yell at your iWin friends. Thank you.

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Leonardo Di Caprio. i have yet to see him in a movie i didn't like. even a few that r probably not known. i can't wait to see 'The Great Gatsby'. also very excited about 'Django Unchained'. getting it in a few days when it comes out. it will be a really different role for him.  
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