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Angela Young 3 Lucid Dream: Messages From Beyond
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Angela's been plagued by dream nightmares and sends her fiance Pete to a psychic to get some help. Pete visits the psychic who turns out to be a witch responsible for Angela's nightmares. The witch kidnaps Pete and Angela sets out on a dangerous quest to save him, travelling in her surreal dreamscape. Help Angela save her fiance in this spooky puzzle adventure game.

-Unique Interactive puzzles
-Mysterious eerie atmosphere
-A maze of entertaining locations
-Explore the spooky landscape of Angela's dreams

Category: Puzzle/Adventure
Release Date: 07/16/13

Having Problems with this game? Please visit our Support Center

* Please note that all release dates are tentative and subject to change.  
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where is the fishing pole at so that I can feed the cat and how can I get rid of the bees so that I can get into the next door and it would be nice if their was a walk through  
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Where is the picture I am supposed dust the cobwebs off? It would be nice if there was a walkthrough available.  
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So wish there were a walkthrough! Stuck on finding a whirlpool! Found it. Had to quit the game and when I started it again, the arrow indicated a new area to explore. Spent over an hour prior to this! Hope it is not the same way for the rest of the game!  

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I found a walkthrough with a Google search, but it was a download and I didn't have time to research the site. I don't do downloads from unknown sites. I couldn't see anywhere that they were charging for it but people can be tricky on that point, waiting til way far into the process before they oh yeah let you know there's a fee involved. Oh yeh.  

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You need a net to catch the fish, not a pole and there is a cover someplace that you put on top of the barrel. I played this game all the way through without any help and now I am playing it again and I can't find the wood plank to get to the statue.  
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ok, found the plank, its by the cat but now i can't find the rope to climb up to the wolf. The cover to put on the barrel is by the statue.  
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where is the picture that I am suppose to dust off? I have looked around everywhere for it. please help  
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