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A Vampire Romance: Extended Edition

Average Rating 19 player reviews ( 2.2 out of 5.0 )

Live a forbidden story in Paris!

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Game Description

Leïla Saraostre, a young foreigner, moves in a famous parisian neighbourhood, Montmartre, to study at the art school of the Louvre. There she meets Uriel Ruthven, a young and enigmatic man. She quickly falls in love. He takes her around and makes her discover the bright city, Paris, before disappearing mysteriously...Discover Uriel's strange secret!

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  • by YoungForever143 on Dec 12, 2011

    So the game itself was not that bad, subway map was a bit confusing and it was annoying jumping from place to place to place so much, but what really got me was the story line. It was so.... silly. The characters started to fall in love within five minutes of meeting and the ending was horrible. If you are looking for a vampire hidden objects game, I would recommend Love and Death Bitten, not this. See more See less

  • by zipbiker on Sep 20, 2011

    I played this game all the way through. I didn't think it was as bad as every one made it out to be. I didn't have any trouble finding objects and the directions were clear and easy to follow. I never listen to the sound so I can't say about that See more See less

  • by littledao1958 on Sep 18, 2011

    over all this game is not bad i thought graphics was good got my 6 hints right off and never had to use one give it a chance its short game but good for a way to afternoon away See more See less

  • by eudster on Sep 18, 2011

    This game came out several years ago. I remembered playing it then. It is not a difficult game to figure out what to do. The story line could have been better. Hint takes approx a min to recharge. stars for additional hints are easy to locate. Puzzles were not difficult. I enjoyed the game even tho it could have been better. I did not need someone to hold my hand through it. Use the map to get where u need to go and pay attention to the directions in the conversations. See more See less

  • by Tracy_Marie on Sep 17, 2011

    Pointless! Can't see some of the tiny thin shapes. The bucket was off the screen, bottom, left corner. Can't read the signs to use subway, etc. Yuck. Wouldn't let me draw on the canvas. Had to use lots of hints and guessing! See more See less

  • by anonymous on Sep 17, 2011

    i downloaded this game before i read the reviews next time i will read revies before downloading again. thought this would be like the other vampire games i played before but no come on iwin give us some good hog's. not the boring game like this one See more See less

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