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Average Rating 8 player reviews ( 2.5 out of 5.0 )

Join the quest to save the world and discover magical islands in Gemaica.

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Game Description

Join the quest to save the world and discover magical islands in Gemaica, a thrilling puzzle/action voyage. Wild creatures are waiting to be discovered. Match gems and earn stars to pass all levels of this seafaring adventure!

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  • by mrsmccarr on Mar 05, 2012

    I Was ery Boring I woulnd't let my little newphew and he is five See more See less

  • by Celebrine on Feb 23, 2012

    A pretty basic marble shooter. I played 6 levels before uninstalling it. If there had been something to buy with the coins earned on levels I might have stuck with it longer. See more See less

  • by alee7383 on Feb 21, 2012

    This is a very cute game for kids. This is a way for parents to check out games for their children. All the gore and blood games they have out now is terrible!and I am sure there are alot out there that are extremely graphic and hopefully you want your children to play. This way you get to check out the games. This is cute and children should enjoy it, Im sure for certain ages its too simple but for others Im sure they will enjoy it. I don't like the fact in the beginning tho that the son is speaking of booze, thats not good. See more See less

  • by oakraven on Feb 21, 2012

    After playing this game for 5 minutes it beggered the question...what were the makers of this game on when they thought that anyone would want to play a game as imbecilic as this? Come on IWIN, do not insult your clients intellegence. See more See less

  • by ppvjeep on Feb 21, 2012

    This is definitely for kids. Basically, you shoot marbles at each other to make them disappear. The levels get more challenging, but it isn't a complicated game or anything really special. See more See less

  • by ba33 on Feb 21, 2012

    perfect game for kids, of all ages. I have to say I enjoyed it. and I though the story was cute. ba33 See more See less

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