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Journey to the Center of the Moon

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Journey to the Center of the Moon!

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Game Description

Embark on a fascinating journey to a far star in Journey to the Center of the Moon. An epic graphic adventure set in the 19th century in the fantastic and extravagant universe of Jules Verne. Following the best-selling adventure game Return to Mysterious Island comes a new and enthralling installment in the Jules Verne collection inspired by the novels From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon. Play as the eccentric Michel Ardan and partake in a conquest to the far side of moon. Alone in this mysterious place, explore the ruins of an abandoned temple and witness amazing events. Make fantastic discoveries and venture into the center of the moon itself as you try to find a way back home to Earth.

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  • by trhanley on Jan 08, 2010

    Although game graphics were rendered beautifully, and game play was very interesting, there were programming errors late in the game that prevented me from finishing it (e.g. not being able to walk through open doors, visible elevators that the game thought weren't there, errors with entering a room and none of the entrances or exits being click-able to move on or go back, etc.) Very unfortunate, since it was a great looking game. See more See less

  • by sparkle777uk on Sep 06, 2009

    Took a long time to d/l and install but it was well worth it. Although it's a click up pick up game you do use your brain as you don't get much help. Well worth buying ! See more See less

  • by SARhoades on Sep 06, 2009

    This was a beatuifully rendered game and fun to play. I have a large newer computer, so it ran wonderfully for me. I got stuck, but I am sure I would have figured it out had I had more time. I was not drooling on my keyboard!!! See more See less

  • by portviking on Sep 06, 2009

    after installing I had to reboot twice for this game to work. Even when it did work it was VERY jittery and SLOOOW. Make sure you have a recent computer to play this game. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Sep 06, 2009

    This is a great game if you like adventure that keep you thinking. Its a clivk and pickup game. Right clickif you need 2 access your inventory or info about who's who. If you have problems w/ games that don't have hints think twice about the game. But if you do get stuck look for the walkthrough online. See more See less