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Land of Runes

Average Rating 3 player reviews ( 4.7 out of 5.0 )

Eliminate colored blocks at the base of a fiery volcano!

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Game Description

Land of Runes challenges you to eliminate stacks of colored blocks from ancient memorials located at the base of a fiery volcano. Using your mouse, you'll rotate the monolith in an effort to find the best match, then toss your block toward the multicolored stacks. Although you'll have to work fast to clear each board before time runs out, bombs and other powerups are on hand to help. Bursting with strategy and suspense, Land of Runes can be played for hours on end or for just a few minutes between real life tasks.

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  • by kcerqua on Jan 01, 2008

    WOW, great game. Before I knew it my hour was up! Nice game, nice graphics, great music.......what else can I say. This is a keeper. You can play timed mode for a quick pace or no time for a relaxing time solving puzzles. Love it! See more See less

  • by snobunny45 on Nov 22, 2007

    Excellent game. Great stress release from any tense day. The game is fast and moving! See more See less

  • by anonymous on Nov 20, 2007

    Pretty good game. Graphics are great. I like the mini games between levels, too. See more See less