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Minds Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten

Average Rating 39 player reviews ( 2.8 out of 5.0 )

A journey into the subconscious!

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Game Description

Follow Gabrielle, an enterprising journalist who stumbles upon the story of her lifetime when she smells murderous intent behind what everyone assumes was a suicide.  As Gabrielle delves deeper into the mystery, participating in scientific experiments that allow her to enter the minds of other people to search for clues, she will uncover a shocking secret about her past.  Featuring a unique scrolling perspective, Mind's Eye offers an unforgettable journey into the subconscious!

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  • by BiddyCat on May 21, 2014

    This game was bad bad bad. HO's were so dark couldn't find half of the objects. I have never used hint bar as much as I did in this game.. To dark and dreary a game. Need better games. I know this is an old one but been catching up on long ago games. See more See less

  • by wildrwitch on Jan 09, 2011

    Not impressed at all. Another of those aged HO games. I suppose in it's day it was great but can't compete with some of the newer games. Sorry I couldn't give it a better review, didn't even play the entire trial. See more See less

  • by Pamellalpn on Jan 06, 2011

    it would have been fun if you could pick up items onthe list,and it also locked up. See more See less

  • by najia7 on Jan 04, 2011

    The graphics for the characters are pretty childish, but the graphics for the hidden object scenes are pretty good. Some of the items were hard to find, but most were easy. Games were very simple and not challending at all. Hints are very simple since you can just easily find a film in each scene and add to your hints. Gameplay was good until halfway through, then it turned for the worse. The ending was a let down. Not really worth playing in my opinion. See more See less

  • by crazypeach34 on Jan 01, 2011

    I really enjoyed this one, although a little twisted and creepy, it was good. I liked the mini games and the twists they threw in to find certain items. Kept my attention and I played the whole way through in one shot. Graphics were good and items were easily seen once you found them. See more See less

  • by keyser13 on Jan 01, 2011

    I liked this game. Very different with a strange story line. Hints refilled quickly. Nice to just pass the time with. Didn't have on sound. Sometimes a little dark. Not a bad HOG. See more See less

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