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Alice's Patchwork 2

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Help Alice become the queen!

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Game Description

Who would have thought that an old family mirror from London would open a portal to an incredible chess kingdom? Set off on an exciting adventure through the looking glass alongside famous characters from Lewis Carroll’s world-renowned fairytale. Assemble patchwork mosaics and help Alice become the queen of the world beyond the looking glass!

Alice’s Patchwork 2 is a game of mosaic puzzles made of 6 different materials: wood, cloth, glass, paper, precious stones and metal. Assemble patchwork puzzles and guess the picture: a garden with talking flowers, a crazy tea party, cards come to life, the riddles of Humpty Dumpty, a duel between the Lion and the Unicorn, the intrigues of the Red Queen, a meeting with the White Rabbit… What other wonders await you in these 6 worlds? Put together all the mosaics and help Alice transform from a pawn into a queen!

-  120 unique puzzles patchwork mosaics
-  6 locations and 6 different materials
-  Our favorite heroes from the looking glass are here again!
-  Entertaining gameplay for players of all ages.

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  • by catboss9 on Jul 20, 2016

    I have been thoroughly enjoying this game. I'm on level 76. The colorful scenes are interesting. It is challenging to complete each level within the time limit. I don't play the music, so I can't comment on that, but the other sound effects are nice. See more See less

  • by dayleg on Jul 03, 2016

    Although I did like this game, I was disappointed with the fact that you can't get to the third level without either buying the level or purchasing the level with in-game coins. It's very misleading. See more See less