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A daring adventure across the ancient lands!

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  • by boo1024 on Jan 28, 2013

    I dunno what the problem is with this game, but it took an overly long while to install. So much so, with difficulty I managed to close the Iwin manager and quit it. I restarted my computer and re-downloaded it, and when it went to install it STILL took a long time, longer than most over 400 mb games. This game is only 15 mbs. THat's tiny compared to most. But I let it go and it did install. SO I am warning others that you may run into this. As for the game. I was bored I will honest. I am wondering when ths game was released, it seems like an old game. It had that "unpacking resources" thing that a few older games have at the beginning when you hit play. Graphics were good but not great/ Also when you made a match and the tiles would fall, it would not let you continue to make matches elsewhere on the board. Many games you ARE able to do this, but you had to sit there and wait for the tiles to stop matching on their own. Anyway the game just didn't have enough that interested me. See more See less

  • by hyperapril on Oct 15, 2012

    Game started out good. Each level increased in difficulty. But I couldn't finish the game. The later levels were too hard to get any further. Don't like starting over and over just to finish a level. See more See less

  • by Trendy081 on Nov 25, 2011

    I have played another Quest game and was able to get further with lightening bolts and switching out symbols. This one has a LOUD timer and it startles me every time!! I prefer games that give you more tools to advance further in the game. Don't like to restart over and over so I am giving up. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 10, 2011

    This game started out fun, but you can't finish it. It's way too hard. Why play if you can't finish? I will not be buying any more games from this company. See more See less

  • by smaya1 on May 06, 2011

    Very addictiv game, but did anybody manage to finish it? I didnt til now, after hundreds of effords. is there a trick, a method for the last levels end? See more See less

  • by knit01 on May 01, 2011

    Hi, game started fun BUT it became like WORK to get to the different levels. See more See less

  • by wishhorse on Jan 29, 2011

    The graphics led me to believe this would be a great match game with a fun story line. I was wrong! The game play is slow, although the progression of difficulty through the levels is reasonable. Even free it was not worth the price... my time! See more See less

  • by Cyberbri on Dec 31, 2010

    Got as far as the Atlantis Resource Creator and no further, what game, NO GAME See more See less

  • by 31756 on Dec 18, 2010

    The game was fun untill about the 2nd level. They make it too hard and you can't continue the nest 5-6 levels. So I won't play it anymore. It gets to hard too early So forget it. You can't even play enought levels to have FUN. i won't play it again. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Dec 12, 2010

    Rated lowest as I couldn't get the game to load. Glad I didn't pay for it and was trying to play free version. See more See less