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Game Description

As Autumn's Treasures opens, young Autumn never expected to find herself the owner of Gramp's Antiques, but when her grandfather passed away, he left the store to her. She had many fond memories of playing here, but the once proud shop had fallen on hard times during the final years of her grandfather's life. Now that she was the owner, Autumn found she couldn't imagine closing it down.

As Autumn cleaned up the shop, she found her grandfather's journal, and learned of an adventurous youth she never knew her grandfather had - expeditions to remote villages, exotic cities, dear friends spread across the globe and a thriving import business in New York City - all of which he'd left behind years ago. There were also references to a mysterious jade coin that her grandfather thought had brought him great fortune. A jade coin that had gone missing just before his store and his health had declined. Not only was this rare coin missing, but many pages from the journal were missing as well - torn out hastily, leaving only the ragged edges of mystery to tantalize its reader.

Little did Autumn know that she would soon make another discovery among her grandfather's things. A discovery that would set her on a journey across the globe! Now you must help Autumn search for the missing pages, the jade coin and the thief responsible for her grandfather's downfall in Autumn’s Treasures!

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  • by hyperapril on Jan 01, 2012

    Really liked this game. Some challenging puzzles but not impossible. Graphics were good. Story was even nice. The main character was likeable. See more See less

  • by angiemj on Jun 22, 2011

    This game was extremely repetitious and boring. I can see now why this game is free w/ no time limits See more See less

  • by kyle_kai on May 08, 2011

    Wow! i love the game it cause me an suprise once Autumn was captured i was headache... See more See less

  • by 5angeleyes on Apr 28, 2011

    I enjoyed this game, at least I did the 5 minutes I could play it. When I got to one section that I had to move an item so "I" could stand on it, it wouldn't move the item anywhere on the whole screen. If you have better luck than I did, I think you will enjoy the game, at least the first 5 minutes. See more See less

  • by i-love-music on Feb 27, 2011

    overall it was ok. nothing special. it was easy. and the story got boring. but not terrible. See more See less

  • by Melissa1980 on Feb 03, 2011

    Recommend this one!I usally like the ones that are more seek n find. Not the ones where u put things together. But b/c of this game I've come around. Good story line. Just when u think the story is over it gave me another set of things to find.I'd buy this one b/c it isn't short and kept my interest. See more See less

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