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Biggest Little Adventure

Average Rating 43 player reviews ( 3.9 out of 5.0 )

An epic journey of tiny proportions!

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Game Description

See the world through a different perspective in Biggest Little Adventure, an epic journey of tiny proportions. Louis delivers a package to Ruby, who, upon opening it to reveal its mystical content, mistakenly shrinks him to the height of two stacked apples. Now, both Ruby and the miniaturized Louis embark on a worldwide search for the only possible cure. Can they find it before his condition becomes permanent?

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  • by HisChild75 on Sep 10, 2011

    This HOG would have gotten 4 stars across the board except that it froze right before the ending. I had 3 objects to collect and then distributed 6 to complete the next to last scene. I was eventually able to collect 1 of the 3 remaining items, leaving two right in front of me in plain sight. I was able to distribute the 6 items. I was unable to pick up the final 2 items to make it possible to go to the final scene. Thus my score. All the rest of the comments are pretty true. This is a better than average HOG. There are a few places where you need to find the walkthrough on line simply because it is not intuitive how you are supposed to access something. I could easily find all objects. The story was interesting. Get this AA. Don't buy a HOG. It is a waste of money because they are a dime a dozen. See more See less

  • by patra3 on Dec 12, 2010

    iust finished the game i am the best so i will win it the next time even more than then that time See more See less

  • by dawncline2 on Oct 11, 2010

    a very enjoyable game had trouble with only a couple of the challenges one being the mice but finally figured that out! a cute story line and charcters that were very easy to like See more See less

  • by riverwoman2 on Oct 11, 2010

    Not a bad game - some unique but not very challenging mini games. Not a bad storyline. Kind of short on play. Better than most, but not very unique. Enjoyed, but not one I will remember See more See less

  • by balata1 on Oct 07, 2010

    can anyone please tell me how to get passed the bottle when i go on deck See more See less

  • by KNIC73 on Oct 05, 2010

    This game was very good and you had alot to do fun,fun,fun See more See less

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