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Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

Average Rating 4 player reviews ( 3.5 out of 5.0 )

Can you survive the strange new world of Botanica?

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Game Description

You are Dr. Ellie Wright, a botanist stranded on a strange planet called Botanica. Full of curious creatures and exotic landscapes, Botanica is like nothing you've ever seen! Test your wits as you navigate through lush forests, steampunk villages, and more. But danger lurks at every corner; make both friends and enemies as you try to outsmart the cunning Queen Kassandra. Can you survive Botanica and find your way back home?

-Hours of bonus gameplay!
-Integrated strategy guide
-Concept art and cut-scenes
-Game soundtrack and wallpapers
-Achievements and collectible items

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  • by Dreamer1031 on Apr 22, 2013

    I loved this game. I was just very sad that I only got a 60 minute free trial to play it. See more See less

  • by clarityb on Feb 22, 2013

    I'm shocked at the low ratings thus far. I'm enjoying this game a lot! I'm a sucker for graphics and Botanica has some of the most gorgeous scenery I've come across. Plus, it's not the usual dark and dreary stuff. You play a botanist who goes thru a portal to another world and must find her way back. The villain is a female overlord type. As for the male lead, well, it isn't only the scenery in this game that's gorgeous. The sound is okay and I think the game plays very smoothly, as I can usually figure out what to do. There have been a couple of times I had to use hints because the task was one I never would have thought of, but overall I've had more fun with this game than I've had in quite awhile. There's a bonus and epilogue but I haven't gotten to them. Also a walkthrough. The biggest drawback to this game as far as I can see is the cost. At about 20 bucks it's the most expensive I've seen. After the demo, I bought it as a present for myself anyway. Not sorry yet! See more See less

  • by bugsy1010 on Feb 21, 2013

    Not a bad game. Slower yes than most but I found it relaxing. At least a different story line from the usual rescue of whatever relative. Played the full trial and may buy it. Not a hard game and the mini games are different a bit of a challenge. Hint button charges fairly fast so didn't find myself stuck. See more See less

  • by shirleymcwilliams on Feb 21, 2013

    another slow, boring game,lots of skipped movie,and dialog. skip button is slow but hint loads fast. thats about all i can say about this game See more See less