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Brickshooter Egypt

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Discover the secrets of the Pharoahs!

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Game Description

Unravel the mysteries of ancient hieroglyphs that will help you restore the glorious pyramids. A totally new brain-teasing puzzle experience across 60+ exciting levels with stunning graphics and amazing sound is what Brickshooter Egypt has to offer. Truly original, innovative and extremely addictive gameplay will keep you moving these bricks for hours on end. Crack the intriguing puzzles of the past and unlock the secrets of the pharaohs!

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  • by ShadowCaster on May 11, 2013

    This is an ok game, nothing more. I expected to have more ''challenge''. This game is very easy, and I find it a bit boring sometimes. You're going to love this game when you want to play while relaxing, but if you want the challenge and plenty of action, this game is not for you. See more See less

  • by Splendorous on Dec 08, 2012

    I found this game to be very fun as well as interesting. The graphics and sound were appropriate and contributed toward the Egyptian theme of the game. The gameplay was challenging but not too challenging and was also a fresh concept, taking the classic match-3 concept and adding a twist. This game is extremely addicting as well as fun, and I would recommend it to all the puzzle-lovers out there! See more See less

  • by Magnificent7lady on Sep 22, 2011

    great awesome game! A friend at the library was playing this game the other day and i fell in love with it. See more See less

  • by HisChild75 on Sep 16, 2011

    This is one the hardest games I have ever played. It ranks right up there with chess as far as I'm concerned. But there is something so addicting about spending over 2 hrs trying to work out a game that you keep coming back for more punishment. What I like is they know it is super hard so when you have been sitting there starring for an inordinate amout of time the screen will flash where the next best move is. I can tell you it is the best cheat in the world. If you want to be good and act like you didn't see it, more power to you, but not me. I have spent hours on one game and still been so messed up that I have to restart several times. God forgot the brains when he made me. This is the game that I play if, and only if, I want something to sink my teeth into. If you want a snoozer, go find a HOG or an aquarium. This is a great game even though it so hard! Wakes up the brain cells. You have accomplished something if you manage to win a game. See more See less

  • by dthieman on Jun 01, 2011

    If you like match 3 or strategy games, this is a must have game for you. It is very challenging but solvable with patience and thinking ahead as you do in a chess game. In no way is this game boring. It keeps you going and allows you to solve quickly or to draw it out by creating obstacles. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 06, 2011

    this game was fun to begin with..but then it just got to be impossible to progress....mostly a time waster See more See less

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