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Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

Average Rating 24 player reviews ( 4.6 out of 5.0 )

Venture into the realm of a madman to free your beloved from captivity!

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Game Description

Venture into the realm of a madman to free your beloved from captivity! Guide Sam, a reporter whose investigation of a series of strange disappearances becomes personal when a psychopath abducts his girlfriend and then challenges him to rescue her.  Explore every nook and cranny of Goldvale Manor to locate helpful items.  Use your instincts and your intellect to solve devious puzzles.  And avoid traps than can cut your rescue effort short!  You must work quickly to discover the reason behind the lunatic's treachery and escape with your life!

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  • by pdmorrison on Oct 06, 2013

    I had a bit of a problem when first off they said to turn up the volume. I could't hear it even if I did, however in the hour I played I didn't have a problem because my volume was off. This game was a little hard to focus on, and has a severe lack of directions. I wound up just using the hint button until I ran across a HO room. Before my trial was over it did pick up a little momentum, but too little too late. The storyline was spooky at best, but kinda boring (perhaps this is what was lost due to not hearing it). See more See less

  • by mydogclyde on May 04, 2013

    Holy crows feet, Batman!! Talk about ALOT of back and forth and forth and back! Other than that this was a really cool HO game. Beautiful graphics and sound. All in all I liked this game and I think you might too if you have the patience. See more See less

  • by becjkaboo on Apr 18, 2013

    This was such a creepy game, and I loved it!! The gameplay was long playing which was awesome, because so often games are very short. The objects in the HO scenes were easy to find, but challenging enough to not make it childs play. The whole games graphics were beauitfully done,and the sound added suspense to the whole game. A very challenging HO/adventure game.Have played it again already See more See less

  • by jildofin on Jan 23, 2013

    Very long game which I enjoy so it is not over right after you buy it. Great story line and I think it is better if you play with the sound on! There is a lot of back and forth, but with the map it is easy to find out where you need to go. Great graphics and plenty of challenging mini games and hidden objects. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jan 16, 2013

    WOW! What a game. It literally gave me nightmares. The evil Oscar was so well thought out and the storyline could have been written for an epic movie. You have to play it with the sound on to get the full effect or miss minute details such as Sam's response to stressful situations. I have never played an adventure game that had so much detail. Of course the graphics are fantastic but it is more than that. It felt real, almost too real. There are surprises that made me jump. I skipped more mini games than usual, but still got hours and hours of play time. This game was so well thought out. I do wish the hint button could have been used to lead us to the next logical location (this would have made it more enjoyable and I may have avoided closing the game to find a walkthrough) or that the map was a jump map. I hightly recommend this game and would give it 10 stars if it were possible. See more See less

  • by Fannie_G on Jan 11, 2013

    This was really well done game BUT I have to admit that the story line was not to my liking. Too much gratuitious killing without the "fantasy/SciFi" element that kepts it from being possibly real. I know I sound like an old prudish person writing this but I'm really not. So, good game, some original puzzles, but the concept of the storyline got to me to a point where I almost did not finish it... but I had to! See more See less

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