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Build-A-Lot 3

Average Rating 21 player reviews ( 4.4 out of 5.0 )

Travel through Europe restoring houses for big profits!

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Game Description

Build-a-lot 3 is your passport to fun! Travel all over Europe as you restore rundown houses, develop friendly services and beautify neighborhoods with picturesque landmarks. The changing needs of the neighborhood will sure keep you busy - you may need to brave the rain and snow, deal with noisy neighbors, or even put out a small fire to get the job done on time! Pack your bags and let the fun take flight in Build-a-lot 3!

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  • by 69isdivine on Oct 11, 2011

    i was actullay luck enough to find a cd rom of this at a target. it came in a two pack set with build alot 2 in the ten dollar section. first i played part 2 then 3. the 3rd had great imporvements from the 2nd. it challanging and enjoyable. now if only i can find the rest on cd rom. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Aug 13, 2011

    i love this game its awesome you should try it,you will never want stop playing See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 24, 2011

    this game was fun but yet kinda hard at times this is why i give this game a rating like this See more See less

  • by demonsm on Sep 03, 2010

    Fair at best kind of boaring number four is the best one yet, five not worth it. See more See less

  • by kabatsoo on Jun 19, 2010

    this is the best game i ever played i highly recomend it to people who like build-a-lot games but it took me a wile to find it but it was wirth the wait and the first time i saw it it was like love st first sight See more See less

  • by meliwin2 on Jun 01, 2010

    Fun Game. Although it is a hard game, it is very fun. I've played all 6 Versions of Build-A-Lot. It is so fun playing a game like this one. I like playing the Build-A-Lot series. See more See less

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