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Build-A-Lot 4

Average Rating 27 player reviews ( 4.6 out of 5.0 )

Can you clean and green up the neighborhood?

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Game Description

The power is in your hands in Build a Lot 4 Power Source! Help friendly towns to grow and glow by building neighborhoods and generating clean energy to make them run. Watch out for power overload! If you build too fast, you may experience blackouts and unhappy renters. You’ll have resources at your command to energize the towns; build solar towers and wind farms and dispatch technicians to make sure everyone is energy efficient. Then, get your neighborhoods fit and fancy by building tennis courts, swimming pools, boutiques and more. With multiple campaigns to play and a variety of awards to earn, there is plenty to do and lots of fun waiting for you in Build a Lot 4 Power Source!

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  • by meliwin2 on Aug 12, 2012

    Second best in the series behind Build-A-Lot On Vacation. Graphisc and Sound are amazing as always, and the 'power' concept is difficult yet very fun and challenging. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Oct 18, 2011

    hi another step up of oodles an dy do i have to sumit See more See less

  • by OlenkaDoktor on Sep 11, 2011

    hi its a great game i wish it was no time lint See more See less

  • by scorya on Apr 02, 2011

    haven't played it yet sounds like fun can somebody tell me if it is See more See less

  • by laurendoran on Jan 15, 2011

    this game is a really good game right through to when it finishes, it is challenging but im sure you will get it. it is the best build a-lot game so far. See more See less

  • by CGoodFace on Oct 05, 2010

    I love the build a lot series! I find them addictive and I really get into it but I really disliked build a lot 4. I found it boring. See more See less

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