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Build It! Miami Beach Resort

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Build an art-deco beach resort

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Game Description

Build your own beach resort in Build It! Miami Beach Resort. Each level is a new year. Begin in the 1920s with simple bungalows and build your way through the decades with wonderful art-deco hotels, the invention of the cinema, the first fast-food diner and eventually giant luxury hotels right on the beach!

Design the city of Miami Beach as you like it! On a big scrollable map you develop Miami Beach over the course of 60 years! While doing so, complete the challenging tasks that you are assigned within each level.

Cash in on renting out your hotel rooms, while shops, restaurants and other leisure facilities bring you leasing receipts - provided that your resort has enough guests. Will you manage to juggle revenue, number of guests, the attractiveness of your city and all the many special requests your guests will demand of you? Alongside your tasks as property shark, mundane chores are also on your to-do list: repairs, deliveries, remodeling work and much more.

Miami Beach is in your hands in Build It! Miami Beach Resort.

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  • by 44PDBHDK44 on Oct 30, 2012

    I don't play games with the sound on, so I can't rate the sound. I found that it was difficult to reach the expert level on most of the levels. This game was setup differently than other build it games - in decades instead of towns. I never got past the first decade before giving up. I'll keep it on the computer because it's an All Access Game, but certainly not one of my favorites. See more See less

  • by owner_of_iwin_games on Apr 10, 2010

    if you really love building house or buildings you might wanna try this game.. you get to build houses or buildings.. very nice game See more See less

  • by stollies1 on Apr 06, 2010

    I like this one, if you love Build a Lot you'll get into this one. See more See less

  • by Saintt on Apr 05, 2010

    I love this's a nice challenge...took quite a few times to get passed the first level but once I did it was cake from there... See more See less

  • by ayisha01 on Apr 04, 2010

    I liked the game alot. It is a challenge so I only recommend it to those who love those types of games. Many people said that it was difficult but the key is to juggle the recreation with the lodging. See more See less

  • by eeame11 on Apr 03, 2010

    I found this game very intresting. It is a bit hard on the 3rd and 4th levels but the first are very easy because you have the tutorial it is defenetly a game to purchase because you only just get use to the game and the 1hour is up. The music is rather anoying. See more See less

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