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Call of the Ages Collector's Edition

Average Rating 4 player reviews ( 4.0 out of 5.0 )

The calendar of ages has been destroyed, you must travel in time to save the world!

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Game Description

The calender of ages, that kept the world running, has been destroyed. Embark on an exciting journey across 8 countries to collect mighty artifacts. Complete 150 unique match-3 levels as you witness the key events of the world history and save the world in Call of Ages.

-Enjoy over 150 unique match-3 levels
-Activate additional challenge mode
-Travel around 8 countries and 8 historical epochs
-Unlock more than 40 achievements
-Collector’s Edition extras: 60 bonus levels, beautiful wallpapers and original soundtrack!

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  • by bookhound on Oct 30, 2013

    Very disappointed by this game. Not a patch onPath of Hecules See more See less

  • by ParkWalker on Oct 29, 2013

    I am a bit disappointed with call of the ages, which I was hoping would replace my Jewel Quest Online Party or Jewel Quest 3, in that I really, really want to see a match-3 game that lets you make moves with a previous move is still completing. I am very fast, I think in microseconds, and when I click on the mouse I want to be able to move a piece while the others are still falling. Call of the ages does not let you do that, so that cuts down dramatically on the replayability. If you are a casual gamer, fine, it's for you--the graphics and theme are very good, but I want fast, fast, move on top of move and a move while a move is still moving, like as fast as possible. That's the thrill of match 3 for me. Call of the ages just doesn't quite cut it. I'm disappointed, except as I said, the theme is really good like the tile pieces. See more See less

  • by CyndiH on Oct 24, 2013

    Call me an old timer, but this is a rerelease of Atlantis if anyone remembers back to those days. I wasn't impressed at first as it was a typical M3 but as you progress along you will discover that you unlock bonus levels. These levels are more of my cup of tea and challenging by restricting your number of moves or time. I think this is a perfect game for a younger crowd just for the history alone, but it's very well done for the beginning M3 player. For those of us looking for more of a challenge get the bonus levels to unlock. They have switched it up some and added more obsticales to destroy, but the sound and overall game play, less the bonus rounds, are identical play to Atlantis. I think that game released back in the late 90's, I purchased it from AOL back in the dial up days!! It's a fun throw back for the entire family with enough balance for the addicts to M3 games. See more See less

  • by pdmorrison on Oct 24, 2013

    This is an awesome game. It plays alot like the jewel quest games, match three or more, collect pieces to complete artifacts, enabling you to save the world. In this one you travel back through time, giving you bits of historic facts along the way, with spectacular graphics of the time period you are in. I don't listen to games so I am assuming it is equally well done. I am not quite sure what little extras you get for this being a premium game, all I really saw were screensavers and music which is not worth the extra money too me, however, I did play the hour trial only and there was a locked area, so there may have been extra levels or something there. Overall this game is perfect for all ages. Go ahead - download and enjoy, but beware this will be the fastest hour ever, it was for me LOL See more See less