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Campfire Legends: The Hookman

Average Rating 49 player reviews ( 4.2 out of 5.0 )

He had a hook for a hand...

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Game Description

We've all heard the tale of the Hookman, but that's just an urban legend, right? ...Isn't it? Now hear the story behind one of the scariest tales ever in Campfire Legends The Hookman, a hidden object adventure of darkness, shadows and frights!

On a night as black as ink, Christine's plans for a romantic getaway go horribly awry. It starts with a ransacked mountain cabin and mysterious clues, and ends in a place far, far worse that she can possibly imagine.

Walk in Christine's footsteps and experience the fright of this fateful night before your very eyes! Only with nerves of steel and a clear mind can you find life-saving objects and solve challenging puzzles. Can you escape The Hookman and make it out alive?

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  • by petstella on Jun 17, 2013

    IT WAS A FREAKY ONE i had to stop playing for a minute after you turned on the power oh my goodness See more See less

  • by hotchicks802000 on May 18, 2013

    A simply wonderful and intriguing game with an adequate amount of suspense to add to the thrill. Top notch graphics, beautiful sound effects and an intersting storyline. This is the type of game that keeps one occupied and entertained especially on a lonely Friday night. Hats off to the creators for developing such a marvellous game. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 31, 2012

    campfire legends the hookman is kinda blood curlin like omg a shadow there a shadow out the window then like u trie to get out of the cabin area cause u just found out there is a killer in the area and the door with the hookman trieing to get through to kill u at least it didnt break down otherwhys it would have made it worst i play campfire legends games alot so if ur playin this game it will make u not to want to live in a cabin in the woods when that suitcase disapear did anybody notice it came back with a giant riped hole like someone riped it with a hook like christina didnt even notice like mr hackens hook hangin from the car it could have just draged the murderer See more See less

  • by Scorpiostinger on Jul 09, 2012

    IF you've got bad eyes, don't bother. Objects for me were very hard to find. Hints were ok, if you could find the fireflies. See more See less

  • by romans3839 on Feb 24, 2012

    BEWARE! If you are using Windows 7, the full screen mode isn't available so the items that are supposed to be showing across the bottom of the screen don't! Looks like it would have been so much fun, but at least the site tells you that they are working on getting the full screen working for Windows 7 and to keep checking back. Hope they hurry! See more See less

  • by DiamondPosh on Nov 03, 2011

    love the scary things popping out on the screen very exciting adrenaline but wish it was a longer game See more See less

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