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Chicken Invaders 4

Average Rating 24 player reviews ( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

Save Earth from doom!

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Game Description

They came without warning, squawking menacingly, their ruffled feathers darkening the sun: invading intergalactic chickens, out to punish humanity for our oppression of their earthly brethren. I instantly knew what had to be done. I dropped my half-eaten chicken burger and jumped in my cockpit. With a greasy finger I set my lasers to "extra crispy" and blasted off to intercept the fowl invaders. But my greatest adventure was yet to come...

Journey to intergalactic star systems and fight through 120 waves of invading chickens! Arm yourself with an assortment of weapons, and earn upgrades to aid in your fight. Save Earth from an omelet-flavored doom!

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  • by Prince-Vegeta on Dec 14, 2013

    This game was very fun and interesting. It got a little annoying when i went for the award for beating the game without dying though. See more See less

  • by tashthe on Nov 23, 2011

    the best game that i've ever played best sound,best resolution,best of the best ,very nice game See more See less

  • by nehapriya1 on Oct 07, 2011

    i love this game and it is awsome. it full of chickens u have to distroy. this game is a blast. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Oct 01, 2011

    Great. Absolutly entertaining from begining to end. I personally am addicted to it now See more See less

  • by carly0071 on Apr 19, 2011

    it was really good until this other thing turns up shoting at the chicken and me it totally ruined the game See more See less

  • by qshooter1 on Mar 22, 2011

    Epicer than cheeseburgers ive beaten this so i have not mind See more See less

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