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A hidden object Christmas mystery!

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Game Description

Santa Claus is missing! Christmas has been stolen! You are the Great Private Detective Arthur Knight, and you are the only one who can save the day by investigating the case. Your new friends ? Abominable Snowman, Reindeer and Elf will help you to discover the truth of Santa's disappearance in this Christmas adventure for the entire family!

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  • by anonymous on Jun 18, 2012

    The dialect between the Yeti and the reindeer were hilarious! It's worth playing this game just for that alone. See more See less

  • by hyperapril on Jan 26, 2012

    It was fun and not challenging. The story is definitely for kids. Very easy to do. Nothing special about this HOG. See more See less

  • by smokymtngal on Dec 26, 2011

    Absolutely awesome Christmas Game, don't know what took me so long to purchase it and play it through. Love the fun hidden object play, plus all the mini-games. The story is what makes it so unique and heartfelt. Wonderful game!! I look forward to playing it again every Christmas season. See more See less

  • by MissLynn82AZ on Feb 10, 2011

    A near-perfect hidden object game for the holidays. Just weird enough to make you laugh and fun enough that you won't be bored. See more See less

  • by wildrwitch on Dec 03, 2010

    This is a lovely little holiday game to play with the little ones, although younger kids won't appreciate some of the humor the way that adults will, but that's ok. It's funny and silly and very enjoyable for the holidays, will keep kids busy. Happy Holidays everybody! See more See less

  • by galet09 on Nov 28, 2010

    After having seen this many times but never downloading I finally decided to give it a try. I loved it! I thought it would only be for kids but not so. The plot was fun and often humorous, as were the characters and I finished all the way to the end. There were only a couple of negatives. The tips took to long to regenerate, and they didn't have it so you could skip a mini game. I got really stuck once, where you have to decode Santa's note and remember the bad guy's name. I found help on the internet for that so I was able to move on. All in all a very fun game. See more See less

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