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Chronicles of Albian -- The Magic Convention

Average Rating 36 player reviews ( 3.6 out of 5.0 )

Explore magical Albian Castle.

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Game Description

The Fairy Godmother, Gwendolyn, has called upon you to help her prepare for the official Convention of Magic Masters being held at her home, Albian Castle, in only a few weeks! Wizards and sorcerers of the world descend upon Albian for the magical convention of a lifetime, and it’s up to you to make sure that the castle is ready! Track down hidden treasures among the many rooms to help finance the required repairs and upgrades to the castle grounds.

Explore magical Albian Castle!

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  • by keyser13 on Nov 05, 2016

    I thought looks like a nice game BUT the items are way to small and the rooms are crowded with to much stuff. Graphics were very good. I don't play with sound on. Maybe if you are younger you can see the items. Only played for 10 mins. my eyes were really killing me. See more See less

  • by sinfulwolf on Jan 22, 2012

    my 6 year old daughter found this game and has learned how to read from it. so ty the story was usmp nice for her to follow and she wanted to find out what happened next. please send me more names of games that have a story to it. the graphics are what caught her attention. now she allways asksmom can we play the castle game. ty ty See more See less

  • by ILONESA on Aug 27, 2011

    This game absolutely fail to reach me and I would not recommend to anyone. Search objects are too small, my overall game sems very unclear. See more See less

  • by Crystal2@iWin on Aug 25, 2011

    As HO games go, this one is lots of fun but vry challenging as hints are few and must be hunted for and the fairy helper is often almost invisible. But the grapjics are clear, the story amusing and not morbid/eerie for a change of pace. Only downers are small size of many items and poor hint system. But overall, a very good play. See more See less

  • by kjalston on Aug 14, 2011

    A Hidden Object game that actually has lots of great hidden object scenes! Yippee! No wandering around. I love it! (Do you know about any more like this one? Please?) See more See less

  • by lovealot74 on Aug 07, 2011

    Couldnt get the game to play,error message.really wanted to play.i have tarot cards,looked intresting. See more See less

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