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Cooking Academy 3

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Get ready for a culinary adventure!

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Game Description

Welcome back to the Cooking Academy! After winning a million dollars and starting your own restaurant, you are now writing your very own cookbook. And who better to help your research than your old professor Henri Formage and his friends. Learn interesting trivia about food while mastering all new skills and mini-games including Refrigerate, Seasoning, Find Food, and much more. Cook Croissants, Tapioca Pudding, Chicken & Waffles, and many more new exciting recipes. Get ready for a culinary adventure! 

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  • by dadamen on Jul 25, 2016

    It dosent work and its paying i am very angry do to this. See more See less

  • by sumoneinGodseyes on Oct 12, 2013

    This game is one of the best as far as easy to play. One of my favorite games of all times. See more See less

  • by kawika61 on Aug 29, 2012

    i was excited to see this... but then i played it. SO different from the 1st two. and kidn of stupid.. boo See more See less

  • by wyntirrose on Aug 26, 2012

    This game was nowhere near as good as the other Cooking Academy games. It was more like a series of mini games (find the peanut, catch the apple, etc) and less like a cooking game. I would suggest sticking with the first two games and Kitchen Brigade and giving Cooking Academy a pass. Also, the music and animation were much better in the previous games. I think this one was designed for a much younger player. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Aug 15, 2012

    i love all of the cooking academy games.the game seems so real See more See less

  • by Jnapole9 on Jul 01, 2012

    This game is pretty much just like the first 2, Only it was more boring. The new recipes are always fun to see but the gameplay was quite tedious. They used the same steps for every dish. I would've atleast tried to use unique steps for each recipe. and I never did like that sound it makes when you get something right it just doesn't fit. That sound is like the sound of failure, a big buzzer to tell you did something right can be confusing! Some of the steps made no sense, like mixing all those ingredients by hand! who does that? And i got so sick of cracking eggs! There weren't many variations from the first 2 games but the ones they did have were not changes for the better so I'm not sure why they even bothered. Overall this game is boring and needs some imagination! If they were going to make a 3rd one they should've put more thought into it instead of being lazy and using mostly elements from the prequels. See more See less

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