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Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen

Average Rating 16 player reviews ( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

The legendary Snow Queen has risen!

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Game Description

Journey into the mythical Snowfall Kingdom and investigate the disappearance of children in Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen! From the ashes of the snow, the legendary Snow Queen rises and terrorizes nearby villages with her supernatural powers. Rescue the missing children and stop the fabled Snow Queen before her sorrow brings upon the destruction of the world in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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  • by keyser13 on Jul 15, 2015

    I guess I'm different but I found this game hard to play. Hints were worthless. Didn't tell you anything. It has a map but it only showed you where you were and maybe sometimes there might be something there. Some of the mini games had no instructions. The story was good and the graphics were beautiful. Didn't have sound on. Had to go to a walkthrough to finish the game. See more See less

  • by TexasCherry on Jun 26, 2012

    Love the story and the characters. Like the verbal interaction and the cut scenes. See more See less

  • by bearspaw on May 22, 2012

    This game is definately for the younger generations. Graphics are clear and the music is sothing. See more See less

  • by jessiegirl35 on Apr 24, 2012

    This game is simply wonderful. The scenes are breathtakingly beautiful. The story line is reasonable and easy to follow. I am hooked on the Dark parables1 See more See less

  • by Sandralah7 on Apr 06, 2012

    This is one of those games where you things appear for you to find, but were not there when you first looked. I kind of hate that. I also did not like the way it navigated, nor that most items with the magnifying glass, just gave a text description and did not let you get a closer look. The HOG portion is finding pieces that when you find them all, turn in to objects. Kind of hinky. See more See less

  • by shorty368 on Apr 01, 2012

    This my first Parable game. I found it amazing. Good game play I found the graphics very good. I don't usually have the music on, but did with this one because the music gave a better feel to the game. (not over the top, like some). The dialoug (sry sp) was not to much. Yes as others have said a lot of backwards and forwards, but that all part of this great game. I have not done much housework since I started it, so hey ho. Recommend this game from teen upwards, especially for oldies like me. Well done everyone who had input. Im off now to get the other two. See more See less

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