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Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

Average Rating 2 player reviews ( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

Can a vampire and an ordinary girl be together?

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Game Description

Emily and Enron love each other and want to be together. But Enron is hiding a terrible secret – he is the son of Dracula. And just as Enron wants to tell Emily the whole truth about himself, she is kidnapped. No one knows where she is. But are all the signs to an abduction from her apartment against her will. Meanwhile, Emily wakes up in a gloomy room with numerous coffins and the ghost of a little girl tells her that Emily has to hurry in order to be rescued. So Emily and Enron must hurry to find each other. Will they be able to reunite? You must help them accomplish this in Dark Romance: Vampire In Love.

--Find out who abducted Emily !
-Help reunite the lovers
-You can play as both heroes Emily and Enron at once
-Achievements, zoo and shop
-Re-playable hidden scenes and mini-games

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  • by rtjc55 on Dec 08, 2014

    I am not basing my opinion on the premise of that I can't play it on my computer. I just hope that it's my computer and not the game. From what I could play, the game looks awesome. The idea of playing the game from two different view points is very interesting. The games seem to have a bit of difficulty to them meaning that they are easy but you have to put a little thought into passing them. I have been wanting to play this game since it came out and I am disappointed that I can't finish it. See more See less

  • by DracoXXX13 on Nov 28, 2014

    this standard edition is just like the collectors edition in every detale so no need in playing it it gets the same 5 star rating See more See less