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Dream Mysteries: Case of the Red Fox

Average Rating 47 player reviews ( 3.4 out of 5.0 )

Dive into the secrets of the subconscious!

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Game Description

Dive into the secrets of the subconscious with Dream Mysteries - Case of the Red Fox, and heal patients inexplicably trapped in their traumas. Dr. Corey Foster is a skilled psychiatrist with the unique ability to enter others' dream states and change them. Because of her extraordinary talent, she's been invited to oversee a surge of psychiatric illnesses at the Dream Seekers research clinic. A normal sunny day finds her tending to patient's therapy when it turns baffling, as similar haunting visions inhabit all of her subjects. What exactly is going on and why is Dr. Foster now having those similar visions as well?

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  • by ElizaD04 on May 09, 2013

    This was a pretty easy game. Items are easy to find in the HOG scenes and they are not dark. Mini-games not too difficult. Sound very low key, I kind of wish there had been voice overs. Storyline pretty interesting. Overall a great game if you are in the mood for a low key game that doesn't take long. See more See less

  • by HisChild75 on Oct 18, 2011

    I have to give this HOG a pretty high 4 stars because it kept me entranced and was intense enough that even though I know the bad guy can't come and get me, I want to rush through before somebody caught me. Now to me that moves a game from OK, to pretty darn good. I think the story line overall is pretty stupid, but most games are. The sound was good enough I left it on turned down. Not a hard game, but some parts you really needed to use your brain. There was one jigsaw mini that was tough. It was a chopped up, "burned" treasure map and you could turn each piece 360. To top it off the pieces popped back to their original spot and spun themselves back around so you had to find up again. Challenging. All HOGs to me are AA, not a buy, unless they are exceptionally good and-or part of a series. I still wouldn't buy this one, but excellent kick back entertainment. See more See less

  • by bowlaway on May 08, 2011

    I liked this game but had to restart several times because I would not have all the items. Now I get to the makings for poison and cannot figure out how to do it. Can anyone help? See more See less

  • by MelodyOfJoy on Apr 16, 2011

    With many HOGs, I tend to just play a few episodes at a time. But if a HOG has a good story and gameplay, I pretty much would want to play through to the end in one sitting. This HOG was one of them. Good story, graphics and sound. I especially liked the game play. Objects are easy to find for the most part, hints fill up quickly and I like that the objects I find are actually useful. I also like geting inside my patients' dreams. Highly recommended game! See more See less

  • by 9Zenyatta on Mar 28, 2011

    I liked this game but it ended too quickly. Intriguing puzzles and a bit of humor. Interesting idea of going into people's dreams. Just wish it had been longer. See more See less

  • by kats0253 on Mar 13, 2011

    I really liked this game. As a HOG fan, I prefer being entertained to being challenged. Graphics were nice, interesting story. Don't use sound so can't comment. Great experience! See more See less

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