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Escape the Museum 2

Average Rating 18 player reviews ( 4.1 out of 5.0 )

Can you escape to the Museum?

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Game Description

Help David reach his wife and daughter, who became trapped in the museum across town, after a devastating earthquake rocks the city. Navigate the treacherous streets, risk life and limb at every step, figure out the best possible path with the help of an unlikely stranger. David must help his family escape the museum before nightfall, can you help him?

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  • by MilouKleijn on Apr 15, 2012

    Really fun game, especially if you played escape the museum 1. This game shows you the other side of the story See more See less

  • by cardoti on Jun 08, 2011

    its a really nice game, could you iwin do this game free See more See less

  • by MarvinNut on May 04, 2011

    Very challenging. Good story and graphics plus made you think. Took a couple of times through areas to figure out what to do, but was able to work my way through. Lot of fun as it wasn't too hard and definitely not easy. See more See less

  • by momdugan on Mar 27, 2011

    I liked the first one. But not this one several people have tried to get past the level that lowers the fire escape and can not get the wire on the pulleys. I really think I wasted my money. See more See less

  • by cleotogo on Dec 02, 2010

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  • by Shalimar09 on Nov 13, 2010

    Very interesting game - fun and engaging. You have to work to play this game. I love these types of game - working the mental faculties instead of drone like playing. I would recommend this game to anyone. See more See less

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