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Help Joe restore his ranch in the brand new game by Playrix!

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Game Description

Help Joe restore his ranch in the brand new game by Playrix! Earn money by selling fresh veggies, juicy fruits, eggs, flowers and honey from his old farm to the townspeople, and spend it on restoring the landholding back to its grandeur and beauty. Breathe in new life into a formerly prosperous farm complete with clucking chickens, mooing cows and buzzing beehives. No need to make this lawn story short - indulge yourself in sun, color and blue summer skies! Get ready for this green-fingered game!

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  • by pdmorrison on Sep 06, 2013

    I love these games, I simply can't say enough good about them. This one your fixng up a barn by selling junk from around the barn (the HO scenes), then you buy upgrades to the barn. Of course my favorite part, you get to name the dog. That just tickels me so much. All-in-all this is a great addition to the gardenscape series. See more See less

  • by mikemartin120 on Sep 06, 2013

    this game is awesome the graphis is awesome overall is a 4 star See more See less

  • by Gerome_Robinson on Jul 25, 2013

    overall I can't really tell you much about this game but when I play it I can tell you all I know which will be a lot more helpful but from the review's I can tell this is going to be a great game. See more See less

  • by Scorpiostinger on Mar 17, 2013

    What a sweet little game! Characters and animals are adorable. For me, gameplay was smooth, but cannot comment on the sound as I play with the sound off. See more See less

  • by Dabisi on Sep 26, 2011

    Although I would've loved to play this game, my computer won't let me. I watched the intro and once I enter the barn, my computer shut down and a warning appeared on my screen. Had the same problem when I played this game a couple of months ago on Iwin, but had hoped this glitch would've been dealt with... I was wrong. This game needs debugging. See more See less

  • by ushie1 on Mar 12, 2011

    Wish I could rate it higher, as it is a clever little game, but the graphics were jerky and slow for me. Still, if you can get it to play, it's fun. See more See less

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