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Fashion Fits

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Help Francie run a fast paced clothing store!

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Game Description

Francie just got a new job at the Uber-Mart clothing store. The only problem is she’s the only employee! Help Francie run a fast paced clothing store by stocking tables, cleaning fitting rooms, running customer service, and checking out customers. It’s up to you to set the fashion trends by purchasing new clothing. And don’t worry about your mean boss! Complete the first year at Uber-Mart and then help Francie open up her own line of clothing stores from a posh upscale department store to a sunny beach boutique!

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  • by Adriana_Miller on Mar 03, 2012

    For a such a simple and basic concept, this game was simply outstanding. I loved the style of graphics, the music was catchy, liked the gameplay. Instant hit! See more See less

  • by galet09 on Jan 19, 2011

    It was fun for awhile until they made it too difficult to beat the level. The clerk is just TOO FREAKING slow!!! Even with the upgrades. Couldn't beat a level though I tried 3 times. I am not one for replaying a level and this was extremely irritating to me. So I'm done. See more See less

  • by AlabamaPatty on Jul 28, 2010

    Fashion Fits is a game i really anjoyed. Every level, there is a twist in something. Either story, clothes, store, upgrades, or something, making the game exiting and addicting. But as soon as i reach the beach store (year 2), i kinda kinda got sick of it. But yet, when i showed it to my sister, (she is now 16 years old) she REALLY loved it. So bad, that she was searching around for part 2! it really would be cool if there was a part 2, actually... but still. the grafix were kindof carttonish, actually, but we thought it was cute the way it was. Sometimes, it got a little hectic, just like in all other games, but if ur mind is set, and ur breathing is steady, u will try try try till u succeed. I really liked this game while my sister loved it. The sound was really good too, and the game was pretty funny. I especially loved the ending - ithad a wonderful twist to it! I really think u should try this game and play the first year to see if u enjoyed it - if u didnt, give it to you sister! See more See less

  • by A752504 on Jul 25, 2010

    I love Time Management games but this one did not hold up to my standards. I felt that the game was a bit to slow and the upgrades were not that great so the game never improved to a more enjoyable level. Its an ok game but not one that i would spend money on. See more See less

  • by msfairy on Jul 09, 2010

    Always like a good time mangement game. I really enjoyed this game. I like that get gets harder the futher you go into the game. You have to work hard to get all of your upgrades!! See more See less

  • by cozzzy11 on Apr 05, 2010

    oh come on if u dont like this you're an idet and i loved it and i play it every day!!!! See more See less

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