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Fate of the Pharaoh

Average Rating 13 player reviews ( 3.8 out of 5.0 )

Build your glorious Egyptian towns and expand your realm!

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Game Description

The greedy enemy wanted the treasures of Egypt. Long time attacks exhausted the magnificent realm of Pharaoh. Days of glory are far behind now, wrapped in dust of endless deserts. But, there's hope! The enemy finally fled!

Take the role of brave young Pharaoh's adviser and raise the golden cities of Egypt once again in this fun and beautiful strategy/management game. Construct homes for your people, set-up production, trade, please gods, fight crocodiles and dangerous cobras while build monuments and famous wonders of Egyptian realm. And, be visited by aliens from space that will teach you secrets of how to build the mighty pyramids! All this, and much more in Fate of the Pharaoh!

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  • by keyser13 on Dec 31, 2012

    I'm not a fan of Build-A-Lot games so I didn't care for this one. If you like them you'll like this game. I didn't have sound on. See more See less

  • by galet09 on Oct 16, 2012

    If you like the Build-a-Lot games you might like this. I really am not a fan of BAL games so I didn't care for this. What I found lacking was the poor graphics. Perhaps if they had been top notch I would have taken more pleasure in the game. I don't think some of these game creators realize how very important it is in these TM games to have top notch graphics. It's half the enjoyment of the game IMO. See more See less

  • by melanieTCB on May 13, 2012

    Similar to other building games. It is Egyptian themed for a start. Snakes and Crocs for improving roads and waterways was very funny. can get a bit repetitive, where the target changes but the tactic you use remains the same. Good game, try it out and you wont be disappointed. See more See less

  • by theresal@ff on Apr 26, 2012

    dont usually play these kinds of games but this one is really addictive. love it!!! See more See less

  • by TheTink973 on Apr 24, 2012

    would have liked to be able to play game all the way through. kept freezing up on me after i got so far. can't even remember how far i got now that it's been so long. it's a reg TM game. not much different than the others. See more See less

  • by angiewins on Apr 22, 2012

    Least favorite TM-builder game I've ever played. Something about it is just really boring compared to other games. I didn't like that there's no sound to let you know rent is ready, but I did like that rent doesn't stop during upgrades. See more See less

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