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Fiction Fixers: The Curse of Oz

Average Rating 21 player reviews ( 4.3 out of 5.0 )

Save Oz!

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Game Description

The Land of Oz is in great peril. An evil man has erected towers that consume the people, light, and energy of Oz itself. Protect Dorothy and Toto as they travel across Oz in hopes of finding a way home to Kansas. Team up with the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion and use their powers to overcome great obstacles. But beware of the Wicked Witch and Victor Vile, an Illiterati agent, who will stop at nothing to destroy you. It’s up to you to save Dorothy and the Land of Oz in this hidden object  and puzzle adventure!

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  • by galet09 on May 05, 2011

    I liked this game pretty much, But the mini games were so aggravating. I skipped most of them, and you had to wait until you were able to do it. They were just very difficult for the most part. But I liked the story and there was lots of HOG scenes and also trying to figure out how to get some of the team out of the jams they were in. All in all it was an interesting and fun HOG. See more See less

  • by MarvinNut on May 04, 2011

    I really enjoyed this game until I got to the end then I wasn't able to figure out how to move the marble from one side to the other. Have not finished and I am too stubborn to skip so I will keep trying, other than that awesome game. See more See less

  • by mommy12122@psite on Feb 03, 2011

    this game was really fun my kids and i sat together and played it my 8 year old is a big wizard of oz fan and she marvelled at the characters and loved helping them out and my 14 year old sat with us they both found it easy but not too easy i enjoyed them helping me find objects i could not find . the only bad part was at times there was alot of back tracking which took some extra time and a little frustrating but in general this was an extremely fun and enjoyable game See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jan 05, 2011

    I finish this games in 1 hr all of you did not say that this was a short games. See more See less

  • by RachelsSea on Dec 29, 2010

    This game was a little hard in the end. I love ths game. I love talking to the chaters. The Graphics was the best I have seen. The game Is good for all ageies. I love IWINT and all the people that play. Love Rachel See more See less

  • by angeldawnlee1 on Dec 28, 2010

    nice sequel to the alice in wonderland game. i am really enjoying this game so far but am already stuck at the tigers at the gate,and the magical fire on the yellow brick road. can someone help me out on how to get passed this area? love the graphics and game play.thanks for any help you can give me on continuing on past the tigers and fire area!! See more See less

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