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Fill and Cross Trick or Treat

Average Rating 4 player reviews ( 4.0 out of 5.0 )

Fool an old witch and take all her candies!

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Game Description

Trick or treat! Today you have a unique opportunity for an especially memorable Halloween night! Are you afraid of ghosts? Can you get tons of tasty candies faster than your friends? Guess all the pictures and win many unique and spooky trophies! 120 unique levels in 6 magnificent locations. More than 4 hours of play time in the mysterious corners of an old spooky farm. Excellent music, fun trophies and a truly spooky Halloween atmosphere! Boo!

-120 unique levels
-6 different locations
-Fun, spooky trophies
-More than 4 hours of gameplay

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  • by ppvjeep on Oct 27, 2013

    I love different games, especially ones that involve actual thinking. Very cute, fun for all ages game kind of like sodoku. Pretty much there are columns and rows with numbers, and each number indicates how many there are within the column or the row. It's easy to catch on, but difficult to solve. Nice having another game type to play. See more See less

  • by awfulagnes on Oct 23, 2013

    I like this type of game and this one plays pretty much the same as the rest but what I dont like about it is the pictures are obscure and even when completed completely unrecognisable. If I could work out what the pictures were supposed to be I would enjoy this game more (and make less mistakes lol). I didnt rate the sound as I play with my speakers off. See more See less

  • by pdmorrison on Oct 21, 2013

    Another great mosiac type puzzle game, which I do enjoy. This one plays pretty much like all the others, left click to keep the square and right click the ones you don't. There is no storyline, just puzzles, and the graphics are really simple. I don't listen to games so I can only assume it is comprable to the rest of the game. Overall this is another game for the whole family to enjoy. Don't forget to put on your thinking cap. See more See less

  • by smith451 on Oct 21, 2013

    I really like this type of game BUT I don't like this version of the game. The squares are selected or marked as not needed just like all the other games BUT the numbers along the side often change the moment you select the set of squares. To win you need to have no mistakes on most boards. To get no mistakes you must be VERY careful to mark all not needed squares. Check everything before you select any square that is part of a set of smaller groups. I am sure that there are some who like this type so give it a try. It really doesn't take any time to load. See more See less