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Fire & Forget

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You are the last resort, only you can stop the enemies...

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Game Description

In a world ravaged by thermo-nuclear war, where law and order are a distant memory, a terrorist group tries to launch the final attack that will lead the rest of humanity to its doom. Equipped with the ultimate and most advanced governmental weapon called "Thunder Master III", you are the last resort, only you can stop them...Fire & Forget is a shooting game featuring an amazing flying tank equipped with 2 deadly weapons: A manual aiming dual cannon and a rocket launcher with auto-guided missiles. While the vehicle moves forward by itself at high speed, you just have to focus on avoiding obstacles and blasting the enemies on your way.

-Hundreds of enemies to blast in each level.
-10 challenging levels in all over a devastated post-apocalyptic world
-Drive and fly the most advanced vehicle ever created!
-3 difficulty levels
-Great replay ability
-Customize your vehicle with impressive skins and upgrades

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  • by spatrick69 on May 26, 2013

    Key board controls were slow and and did not like the fact that you had to use so many different keys if you wanted to use the keybord for everything See more See less

  • by anonymous on May 16, 2013

    This game is ok if you do not mind using the keyboard and mouse at the same time. The graphic and sound are great, but unless you have joystick to play this. I would recommend staying away from this. I only got to level 3 using the keyboard and mouse. Think if I had a joystick it would be better. Plus it seems that downloading of games on IWin takes longer and longer. Have a brand new PC, so that is not the issues, its just the size of the game files. See more See less