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4 Elements

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Tame the power of the Four Elements!

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Game Description

The ancient kingdom is in trouble! The magic of the 4 Elements that kept it running for centuries has been corrupted by evil powers and the altars no longer yield the energy of life. It is up to you to unlock the 4 ancient books of magic and collect 16 mysterious cards that will help you restore the kingdom to life. An adorable little fairy will be your aide in this perilous journey as you encounter elementals, dragons, knights, and various magic creatures. Using a mix of classic addictive game play ideas but taking them to a new level with innovative twists, explosive bonuses, spectacular visual effects, and fascinating storyline in amazing animation, 4 Elements is a load of fun!

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  • by jadedbaby87 on Apr 01, 2013

    This is another game that I greatly enjoyed. Its one that I wouldn't mind downloading again. This game is great for those who like a (slightly) challenging HOG/Match-3 game. See more See less

  • by gtitus09 on Dec 12, 2012

    A fun game and I was enjoying it having gotten almost through the whole game. Then I got to level 63. I am really pissed that the creators stupidly made this level almost impossible to win. You have to quickly outrun the shooting arrows to direcft the energy from left to right. If you don't the arrows eventually create an insurmountable obstacle. Then you have to restart the level. I tried twice. It's impossible and I am truly angry that I had to quit the game. At least they wised up for the sequel of this which is better and no such silly trikery or extreme difficulties are a part of that game. I was able to finish the sequel and would recommend it rather than this one if you want to win the game. See more See less

  • by galet09 on Dec 09, 2012

    Having played the sequel to this recently in it's entirety I thought I would look up the original. It was fun but not as fun as the second one plus when you got into the last book, they started making the configurations more difficult to get through in the time alloted. I played one level 3 times and couldn't do it and I finally had had enough. Was very disappointed that they made it so tough. So I won't be finishing this one. See more See less

  • by nancypooh81 on Aug 24, 2012

    This game is a great combination of hidden object and match 3. The graphics are good, as is the soundtrack. I think I've replayed this game more than any other game I own! A definite must-buy See more See less

  • by hupcey on Jun 08, 2012

    A different kind of match 3 game that I like. The concept of having an energy flow filling the empty spaces is unique. See more See less

  • by jessiegirl35 on May 23, 2012

    i thought that this game was great. it took me awhile to figure out strategy formthe game but once i did there was no stopping me. i really like that the game goes on a long time. i stopped and started often but often i thought " just one more time" ad noticed that hours had gone by. i like to take breaks from the more difficult HOG'S BY PLAYING A LEVEL OR TWO OF THIS GAME. stunning graphics and the music was not so repetitive that i had to turn off the sound. this game is well worth the money and any age can play. i just love faeries! See more See less

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