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Gardens Inc. 2 - The Road to Fame Platinum Edition

Average Rating 9 player reviews ( 4.1 out of 5.0 )

Help Jill & Mike to win the contest and unveil a ruthless thief!

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Game Description

Jill & Mike have established their gardening company in Sunnyvale and now they are ready to take the next step. Unfortunately, the dastardly Cliff Gold escaped prison and it appears as though he is out for revenge on those who sent him there in the first place. Help Jill & Mike to win a contest that will be followed by lucrative contracts from all over the world and uncover what sort of revenge the villainous Cliff Gold has planned.

-50 dynamic & varying levels
-Create beautiful gardens to your liking or try to guess your customers’ desires
-5 additional levels
-Additional trophies that will require you to truly put your skills to the test
-Integrated strategy guide

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  • by keyser13 on Feb 26, 2014

    I liked this game. One thing is that even if time runs out you can keep going and finish. I really don't know how anyone could finish in the time they give you. Good story. Didn't have sound on. Graphics were good. See more See less

  • by gtitus09 on Feb 02, 2014

    I enjoyed some of this and some of it I hated. I agree with others about the positive things such as great graphics, interesting story, but game goals were too high and the vandals were almost intolerable. But what makes a game a great game? I think most would say because it's fun to play. But when a game brings the gamer to tears then it's NOT fun, it's just torture. In level 49 of this game, I was so frustrated because of the fricking vandals! The security guard chases them off but they always come back, thru the entire level! They're SO horrible cuz they destroy your plants and bdgs so you have to rebuild or replant. Plus half the time when I clicked on them it didn't work and I would be clicking over and over so the guard would come. This ruined the game for me, absolutely took it away from a high rating, tho I will finish the game as there is only 1 level left. The first Gardens Inc was better and I would not recommend this 2nd game to anyone that wants to keep their sanity. See more See less

  • by boo1024 on Feb 02, 2014

    Just a so so game. Pros are very good graphics, interesting story and lots to do. Liked the different locations and the ones with water were very nice and refreshing too. However the cons for this game are the goals are a bit too high, it's almost impossible to get expert time and sometimes even any time at all. I also hated the vandals, they nearly spoiled the game for me. Hated their obnoxious vocal as well. That fried my nerves and I had to turn the sound down when they appeared in a level. By the time I got to level 43 I not only had scorpions to deal with and destroy but tons of vandals. Seriously, I don't see how ANYONE could make expert time in this game. I am an advanced and experienced TM player and I didn't even come close. At least once the timer runs out though, you can advance to the next level. So you can technically finish the game if you can put up with with all the other negativce stuff I mentioned. See more See less

  • by Margaret63 on Jan 31, 2014

    This game was a lot of fun, but as has been mentioned there is a lot of time between levels, leading the player to think the game has stalled. I was getting frustrated with the wait time. It is relatively easy to play, but difficult to achieve expert times. See more See less

  • by vampirlover49 on Jan 31, 2014

    This would be a great game like the first one if it wasn't so glitchy.Iwouldn't buy this game until it is fixed. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jan 31, 2014

    This is a fun time management game, not a grow and sell game. Also in the upper left corner they have a suggested walkthrough to help you reach gold. Good story and a lot of fun. See more See less

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