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Gardenscapes 2 Collector's Edition

Average Rating 12 player reviews ( 4.6 out of 5.0 )

Help your good old friend bring the family garden to bloom again!

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Game Description

Gardenscapes 2 takes the unique experience of the original Gardenscapes by Playrix to a completely new level! The garden at the estate where Austin was born and grew up in is in a pitiful state. Rundown and neglected, it is waiting for you to come and restore it. Accompany Austin to the place of his childhood, meet his parents, and collect the old photos and other memorable things from his past. Run sales of the old stuff found around the house to implement the original decor ideas of your own! Help your good old friend bring the family garden to bloom again.

Collector's Edition Special Features:
-Over 80 hidden object levels
-60 outdoor decor items for the garden!
-Album with 25 photos from various periods of Austin's life to collect and put together
-Characters fully modelled in 3D complete with clothing customization options
-And a lot more, including: 3 special bonus levels, relaxing soundtrack, concept art, exclusive wallpapers.

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  • by anonymous on Apr 28, 2013

    The game kept indicating that There was a breach of program which caused my computer to "shut down" frequently during the game. Towards the end of the highest level I could not open the game.MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN See more See less

  • by ochiba on Apr 12, 2013

    You can always count on Playrix to produce a game with gorgeous graphics,great music ans a good, if slightly silly, story line. I love putting the yard together. Great way to relax. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 12, 2013

    Is anyone else annoyed by the popups that want you to play Mansion Makeover? Ive already had 3 of them. I pay for games so I don't have to deal with ads. Makes me wish I hadn't bought it. Otherwise it's a great game. See more See less

  • by GraceLight on Apr 12, 2013

    Yay, Austn and his faithful doggie are back in the next installment of Gardenscapes. In this one, we go to Austin's childhood home and meet his parents. There's been a few changes, to the good, I think. Be sure to watch the ending grand finale coz afterwards you can keep earning money to change everyone's clothing. There are also tasks to complete every once in a while which are not difficult. You can still play timed or untimed, which I love. New garden items to purchase, new rooms and new characters to buy your stuff keeps this from getting boring. There's also a photo album where you keep adding pictures of Austin while he is growing up. You'll also find the usual help items along the way such as the camera, thermometer and magnifying glass and, of course, the bonus coins in each scene. If you loved the first one, I think you'll love this one. It's a keeper!! See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 11, 2013

    Played the whole game for free on another site so would not pay 13.98 to own it. But good game. See more See less

  • by dtw210992 on Apr 11, 2013

    This game is fantastic as all the other reviewer's have said already. The only thing I am a bit peeved about is the Premium or Collectors Edition tag this game is getting. I have played the regular version on another game site, and the only thing we are getting for an extra 14 is 1 additional level and some better graphics. I think that is a rip off. If you are going to charge so much extra for this game, it should at the very least give us a whole lot of extra levels. That is my only complaint about this game. I think it is shady to call it a Collectors Edition. The game itself is awesome tho. See more See less

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