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Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie

Average Rating 50 player reviews ( 3.6 out of 5.0 )

Don't stay past dark in the Ghost Town of Bodie!

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Game Description

In Ghost Town Mysteries Bodie, don't stay past dark in the Ghost Town of Bodie. Tourists have reported seeing the ghost of Evelyn Byers, a little girl who was killed by a pick axe over a hundred years ago. The tombstones of the twelve witnesses are missing and something is definitely up. Pick up the investigation from where the famous reporter Amy Brown left off. Recover the keys to the thirteen homes she was investigating, find the items in her notebook, and solve this hundred year old mystery once and for all. Over 30 locations, 13 haunted houses, 17 puzzles, 13 mini puzzles. And oh! Did we mention the ghosts? Yeah, there are ghosts!

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  • by csodan on Apr 19, 2012

    I love this game and mak me happy to play it yes I know I do jump bet what fun is it if you can get scaerd out your enst See more See less

  • by morticiamarie on Nov 17, 2011

    I've played this game over and over. it's one of the best hidden object games i've actually found. See more See less

  • by engin747 on Aug 19, 2011

    Game is very difficult since there are only two clues and once you use them you don't get another until you find the flies. Meanwhile you have to hope and poke to find the hidden things in order to move forward. Game is dark and items are small. I quit the game because I coudn't get a key into the lock because I couldn't see the key or the keyhole. Seems like it would be a good game but it's downright frustrating to play. If you're a glutton for punishment, this is the game for you. Otherwise I'd step off. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Aug 17, 2011

    i love this game it was awsome i sujest every one to down load this game See more See less

  • by anonymous on Aug 12, 2011

    this game is creepy and cool the ghosts r scary and creepy and those hands that pop out of the groud with keys r creepy and grose. YUCK!!! See more See less

  • by DemonHunt23 on Jul 21, 2011

    This game was extremely well done. The murderer was freakin' scary, but that's to be expected. The sound fx could have been a little less creepy, but all in all, I would definitely recommend this to a friend. See more See less

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