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Gizmos: Riddle of the Universe

Average Rating 6 player reviews ( 5.0 out of 5.0 )

Help three friends decipher a message from Earth!

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Game Description

Emergency in Gizmo Land! An unknown device has crashed into Kurt the Mechanic’s garage. After sharing the alarming news with his friends, Kurt decided to look into the incident. A search of the crash site revealed a coded message from a distant planet. Fortunately, the message can be read using a decryption machine. Help the trio shed some light on this mystery!

-Exciting nonogram puzzles up to 30 x 30 grids!
-Breathtaking adventures in Gizmo Land
-Perplexing jigsaw mini-games
-Gorgeous steampunk music and sound effects
-Dozens of hours of relaxing gameplay!

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  • by hmv1 on Oct 03, 2014

    Best version of this type of game I have found. Autocomplete allows you to play rather than filling in blanks or (mis)counting! I don't watch or listen to the story. Love the 30 x 30 levels. See more See less

  • by BiddyCat on Sep 18, 2014

    Really enjoyed this one. A break away from HO's. Didn't care for the cartoony comic book pitchures. But the game was great. Sound was good,didn't really listen to it I just have it for background sound. Didn't irritate me so must have been ok. Enjoy. See more See less

  • by phatkhat1 on Sep 10, 2014

    Wow! This is the best picross since Gemsweeper! Graphics are excellent, there is a bit of a story set on an alien steampunk world populated with funny green guys, and EXCELLENT puzzles. The mechanics are familiar - if you like World Mosaics, you will be totally familiar with the controls. Every so often, there is a jigsaw thrown in for variety, too. You can earn achievements for hours played, blocks cleared without a misclick, not using right mouse button, etc. Also for beating the "perfect" time. The puzzles increase in challenge rather slowly, but to get the achievements is going to be very, very tough. I've gotten gold on only 3 or 4 levels out of the couple dozen I've played, and I'm a picross addict. If you like picross, you will LOVE this one! I bought after about 20 minutes of demo. My only gripe is the "attaboys" from the characters as you play, but you can mute them if they bother you! Great job, Developers!! See more See less

  • by deedeeann50 on Sep 06, 2014

    A mind game but a fun game!!! makes you think yet helps also. at least you can move on to the next level. well thought. See more See less

  • by vampirlover49 on Sep 04, 2014

    This is a great game. Fun enough that you don't uninstall in sheer frustration and still challenging enough that you want to keep playing. Thanks IWIN. See more See less

  • by smith451 on Sep 04, 2014

    This appears to be one of the best new games of this type in a long time. There is a timer but it doesn't seem to be more of a penalty that not getting a perfect score. The settings let you change many things and that lets you avoid some of the problems the other new versions had. Even the music is not anoying at the default setting. If youlike this type of game try it. See more See less

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