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Haunted Hotel 3: the Lonely Dream

Average Rating 17 player reviews ( 4.0 out of 5.0 )

Explore the Haunted Hotel!

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Game Description

Explore the Haunted Hotel and experience supernatural phenomena for yourself in Haunted Hotel: The Lonely Dream! Find hidden objects as you explore the different rooms of the hotel and uncover spooky secrets. Collect helpful Inventory objects to help you progress through the building, and solve tricky puzzles. Each room brings you closer to the truth!

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  • by SpiDee3 on Jan 19, 2011

    This was a good game that definately made you think. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jan 19, 2011

    it is amazing i love the sound effects it gets hard at times i recommend you have more games like this even make a 4 or 5 just continue the game and make a swwet ending were we will win a prize or recieved alot of points .oh i forgot to mention the graphics are awesome and amazing . See more See less

  • by Sing4God87 on Jan 15, 2011

    Very engaging game! I completely lost track of time and was disappointed when my 60 minutes were up. Lots of things to do--with reasons for doing them--and enough variety that it wasn't boring. See more See less

  • by ninjaturtle1986 on Jan 02, 2011

    Great game. Fun, too. But every now and then the music would freeze up, and the cursor would slow down. And then I get to the half-hour mark in my free trial, and the game completely freezes during the scene where the agents go to the wrong floor. The cursor was free to move, but the scene wasn't. I was enjoying the game until that happened. I had to hit my 'Esc' key a couple times to get out. See more See less

  • by kfolk on Jan 01, 2011

    Game was ok, kind of short and slow. objects easy to find. If you are advanced player best to play free not a good game purchase. Its one you could say been there done that. Not really exciting. See more See less

  • by blue9244 on Dec 31, 2010

    I loved the game but it was way too short - I finished in one day. I would like more like this but maybe more game-play. See more See less

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