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Rule an Egyptian city!

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Game Description

Search for legendary Egyptian artifacts amid the unforgettable atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. Strategize the construction of a great city and become its ruler! With a host of dedicated assistants, you'll be able to focus only on puzzle-solving.

Customize the city with a range of design choices and decoration, and build the perfect avatar using the face generator and clothes shop. An unforgettable Egyptian journey is in store, as you rise to power as Queen or Pharoah.

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  • by anonymous on Mar 10, 2012

    Very addictive. I'm hooked. I enjoy the mental stimulation this game give you. See more See less

  • by AertenTX on Jun 30, 2011

    This is one of those games that's an overall good timekiller. The music is nice and fades into the background. The puzzles are challenging but not overwhelming. There are also a good variety of minigames to keep your interest. The only thing that I didn't care for was the facebook links. They weren't annoying about it, but personal preference is, if I want to play a game on FB, I'll play it on FB. Downloadable games should be free of it. See more See less

  • by tsmgamer on May 16, 2011

    not a very exciting game. seems more like a match 3 then a tycoon game. didnt hold my interest for long.. about 10 minutes then i stopped playing. cant rate sound as i dont play with it on See more See less

  • by Meldandy on May 02, 2011

    It's pleasant looking, the soundtrack is cliche canned Egyptian musak. The gameplay was slow, possibly a cure for insomnia. I was nodding off at the 30 minute mark. The paperdoll facet of loading your character with jewelry was cute, but I had to look close to even see those tiny baubles with really pretentious names. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 30, 2011

    I dont like this game at all or maybe the game is nat for me and or maybe it is for someone how knows how to play See more See less

  • by ppvjeep on Apr 28, 2011

    Not a bad game it is certainly different. It is a mix of chain matches, match three, and hidden object. While you play these games, you build an empire sort of like Civilization with less action. Does need tweeking, though. See more See less

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