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House of 1000 Doors

Average Rating 36 player reviews ( 4.6 out of 5.0 )

Guide Kate Reed as she solves four mind-bending mysteries!

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Game Description

When the dead cannot find release, the House of 1000 Doors serves as a portal that allows the living to help them.  Guide Kate Reed as she solves four mind-bending mysteries that take her to worlds she's never imagined!

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  • by anonymous on Jul 14, 2016

    That a amazing game there not it too hard or too esay and that is a intresting story line See more See less

  • by jadedbaby87 on Apr 01, 2013

    I love this game. A bit like Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion, but good, nonetheless. I found it to be enjoyable, and a bit addictive. I would definitely play this game again. Even purchase it. Although, to give people a heads up, this game often goes into commercial during the dialogue. Which means that you miss what is being said to your character. Also, the last scene goes into commercial as well. See more See less

  • by LTW1234 on Feb 23, 2013

    This game was fun, fun, fun, it was a great stress relief for me!! See more See less

  • by luvgames64 on Feb 12, 2013

    wow what q brilliant game...I got stuck for hours on the wooden bird puzzle and almost tore my hair out as the 'clues' didn't help at all...but finally sorted it out...I absolutely loved this game and was totally hooked on it and glued to my computer for hours at a time, so now I've finished the game I'm off to do some much neglected housework...gulp See more See less

  • by anonymous on Feb 02, 2013

    Couldn't stop playing! Excellent plot... kept me going all day until I finished it. See more See less

  • by coffeejunkie88 on Jan 27, 2013

    The gameplay was good. It's not something I would play over and over again but definitely worth the playtime. See more See less

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