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Howlville: The Dark Past

Average Rating 8 player reviews ( 3.1 out of 5.0 )

Discover the secrets of Rachel's past!

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Game Description

Discover the secret of Rachel's past in Howlville: The Dark Past! Many years ago, a strange artifact was found in a mine near the small town of Howlville. The government asked Rachel's father, Dr. Joseph, to examine it. Mysteriously, that was the last anyone heard from Dr. Joseph. His experiments at the mine were halted and classified. The town was closed off.

Fifteen years later, Rachel is on the verge of solving the mystery... but somebody is doing everything possible to keep her from succeeding. Save the world from looming catastrophe by helping Rachel solve the mystery of her dad's disappearance.

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  • by patsmith359 on Sep 01, 2012

    Can't tell you about any of the settings, I only know it fills my screen with crisp, clear graphics. Voice over is excellent. Gameplay is fantastic! I've only played for 40 minutes(past my bedtime, but couldn't resist it), but it's the most fun I've had in ages. LOADS of mini-puzzles, the HO scenes are clear and very interactive, even have puzzles within them. A definite buy for me. I've no idea of the length of the game, I hope it's a really long one, but whatever, I know that every minute is worth the money See more See less

  • by sil067 on Aug 08, 2012

    A solid 2. Maybe good for beginners. Easy and predictable HOG with the usual mini games. I would have rated it 3, but the "rubberband" response of the curser annoyed me to no end. LOTS of hand holding if you want it. See more See less

  • by bugsy1010 on Aug 07, 2012

    This is not a bad game. Trial went by fast and it held my interest, at least a little different story. Lots of hints if you need them and mini games not too hard. I liked it, will most likely purchase it. See more See less

  • by elizad1 on Aug 07, 2012

    Well, I thought this was a wonderful game. I really enjoyed the interactions within the HOG scenes. I also like the fact that YOU get to figure out what to do and not be led by the hand as to what to do next. The mini games/puzzles are also enjoyable. I really don't think it is fair to consider it a "crap" game just because it is a purchase only game. To me, that sounds unfair to rate this game, or any other game due to their availability to others. Games should be rated for game play, graphics, and sound. Overall, a thumbs up for me. And I will purchase See more See less

  • by Dane-Ezibeaux on Aug 07, 2012

    Well... it started out hopeful as an adventure game and quickly took on it's true intent. Just another HO game, but must there be so many. Graphics were great, the gammas were dialed in to match. The plot was fine, kept the search for single items close by. The mini games some where better than others, when they stayed within the story plot. I shant buy this game but if it goes to all access, I'd play it all the through. See more See less

  • by Wvjanet on Aug 07, 2012

    Here we go again, IWin. game after game, purchase only. And a "crap" game thrown in every so often. Things had gotten much better there for awhile, but we're back to business as usual -- purchase only. Makes us wonder why we keep paying for all access. See more See less

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